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Welcome to second grade! I am excited about what lies ahead for your child during this school year. They will learn many new and exciting things in their journey through second grade. Hopefully this letter will provide you with some tips and expectations for the coming school year.

 Reading- It is important that you read with your child throughout the summer. Listen to your child read aloud, read to him/her, or buddy read. Make it fun! Second grade requires students to become more and more independent as the year progresses. Benchmarks for reading progress are level J by the first nine-weeks, K by the second, L by the third, and M by the fourth nine-weeks. Your child will be expected to not only read with fluency and expression but also comprehend and understand what they have read.

 Writing- Students entering second grade should be able to write a paragraph of at least five sentences. Summer writing journals would keep them in practice for the coming year. Please make sure they remember to add punctuation and capitalization to their sentences.

Math- Students should enter second grade with the basic addition and subtraction facts to twenty memorized (8+7=15, for example). In second grade some of the topics they will study consist of place value to hundreds, addition and subtraction within 1000, counting money, telling time to five minutes, geometry, and fractions.

 Science and Social Studies- Reading nonfiction books about science and social studies topics would get your child excited and prepared for learning the second grade standards. In second grade, students learn to use science process skills such as observing, comparing, ordering, and categorizing. They study the life cycles of plants and animals, the sun, moon and stars, forces and motion, and energy. In social studies, the students study Georgia government, geography of Georgia, historical Georgians, Georgia Creek and Cherokee Native Americans, and goods and services.