Title I Family Engagement
Title I and Action Team


What is the Parent Action Team?

Shirley Hills Elementary invites all parents to join the Parent Action Team. As a part of the team, you are able to share ideas and ways to create partnerships with other parents between the school, families and community. The team will meet three times during the school year at 7:30am. The Meetings are held in the Parent Cottage located outside the 2nd grade hallway. Please see below for meeting dates.

Remember, parents are always welcome to submit suggestions or ideas throughout the school year. To learn more about the SHES Parent Action Team, please contact the Parent and Family Engagement Coordinator Heather Bowen or complete the interest form and return it your child’s teacher or the front office.


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If you are unable to attend a meeting but would like to know what we covered.  All meeting minutes are located under the PRESENTATIONS TAB.


Parents are always encouraged to give feed back concerning our school at any time. Feedback opportunities are listed below.

Surveys provided at the end of Parent Engagement Events (Parent Learning Lunches, EOG Parent Testing Night, and Title I Spring Surveys).
A Feedback Form can also be filled out by clicking on this link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspxid=8pCcKuGlREOx-Fa-gHHqEQRt3K92NIlHljuyOx9TsOhUMUZCNlNDUjJDRzZYVkJXQTVDV1NHRkoxQi4u


Click on Files located below.

Family Engagement

District /School State Report Card Link


Event Presentations

The presentations for the Parent Learning Lunches and Parent Milestones Nights are under the PRESENTATIONS TAB located at the top of the page. This information is very helpful if you are helping your student with homework or preparing them for the state testing.

Parent Feedback

Parents are always encouraged to give feed back concerning our school at any time. Some of these ways are provided below. 

Surveys are provided at the end of Parent/Family Engagement Events (Parent Learning Lunches, EOG Parent Testing Night, and Title I Spring Surveys).

Parents can also fill out a PARENT FEEDBACK FORM by clickling on this link https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=8pCcKuGlREOx-Fa-gHHqEQRt3K92NIlHljuyOx9TsOhUMUZCNlNDUjJDRzZYVkJXQTVDV1NHRkoxQi4u

Background Form Information

The Background Form is located under the FILES TAB located at the top of the page.  This form is a part of the Parent Volunteer process.  Once approved the background check is good for 5 years. 


Online Parent Volunteer Orientation

If you would like to complete your volunteer orientation by viewing the presentation online please, do the following.

1. Click on the FILES TAB at the top of the page.

2. Click on the Parent Volunteer Orientation File.

3. View the Presentation.

4. Print and Sign the Confidentality Statement located on the last page of the presentation.

5. If you have any questions concerning the presentation please contact the Family Engagement Coordinator at heather.bowen@hcbe.net or (478) 929-7824 ext. 37830.


Get Engaged in 2018-2019 by:

  • Participating in Parent Learning Lunches
  • Participating in Family Learning Nights
  • Attending the Father Daughter Dance (TBD)
  • Field Day
  • Tutoring in the Classroom
  • Helping in the Office
  • Chaperoning On Field Trips
  • Helping in the Library
  • Being a Watch D.O.G. (A program for Dads and Male Role Models)-Starting back up in the Fall of 2018.
  • Working with your child to complete Take Home Activities
  • Attending our Annual Parent Title I  Document Review Day (Held in the Spring)
  • Being a part of our Parent Action Team
  • Being a part of our School Council
  • Attending Title I Night- Held in August  


Family Resources 2018-2019

What:  Are you looking for information on how to Parent Your Child , How To Discipline Your Child, What Does Title I Mean, Understanding The Georgia Common Core Performance Standards, And How To Help Your Child With School Work? 

Where:  Check out our Parent Resource Centers located in the front lobby of the school or the Parent Cottage located outside the 2nd grade hall from 8:00am-4:00pm each school day. See below for a listing of what we have available in the Parent Resource Center.

Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm

Heather Bowen; Family Engagement Coordinator


Heather Bowen 

Phone: 478-929-7824 Ext:37830